It’s time to

Renew Alabama

Our Vision

You’ve heard the expression, we’re all in this together. Renew Alabama is a new coalition united under a common banner of social, environmental, and climate justice. Grounded in our shared humanity, experiences, and faith, we are calling on community leaders and elected officials throughout Alabama to shift the paradigm in Alabama. It’s time to remove barriers to clean energy, to invest in sustainable infrastructure, to increase opportunities for “green” jobs, and to truly protect public health and our environment.

Upcoming Events

Get involved by attending conferences, workshops, town hall meetings, social gatherings, and other networking events hosted by Renew Alabama partner groups.

The Issues

Clean Air & Water

Clean air and clean water are basic necessities — human rights — for people to be able to live healthy lives.

Clean Energy

It’s time for Alabama to invest in sustainability for ALL Alabamians.

Economic Development

We can grow Alabama’s economy and create good-paying jobs by investing in homegrown, high-paying green jobs.

Government Transparency

Transparency is an absolute must in order for Alabama to truly address the impact of climate change in a just and equitable way.

Sustainable Agriculture

We must adapt our agriculture and food systems to meet urgent demands before it’s too late.


We need to implement resiliency plans to ensure that our buildings, utilities, roads, bridges, levees, railroads, airports and other infrastructure aren’t vulnerable to climate change.

We must act

The decisions we make today about energy will impact our children and grandchildren. Those who contribute the least to climate change will be impacted the most. But let us be clear: Climate change does not discriminate. Everyone will be affected.

Reason one

Coal-fired power plants, oil refineries, and sewage treatment facilities are often placed in low-income communities, degrading the physical and socio-economic health of the poor.

Reason two

Addressing the threat of climate change presents the opportunity to right many of these wrongs while boosting economic development within historically disadvantaged communities.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

Transitioning to cleaner energy will help reduce air pollution, protect water supplies, combat climate change, and increase energy independence.


Let’s come together

We are stronger together. The only way we will move forward is if we work together toward our common goal: a healthy, prosperous, and sustainable Alabama for future generations.